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Bespoke Experience

Get a mobile app for your brand in three weeks, designed to meet your needs. We work with you to create a mobile app that captures the essence of your brand.

Affordable, easy to use and bespoke, Zerrow’s app design studio creates a world-class app for your business, so you can focus on running it.

We show you what it will look like, how long it will take to build and, how much it will cost, before you invest a penny.

Make it easy for your clients with a world class app

Your clients can easily access your classes, products and you from you app.

No more lost emails, or missed promotions. 

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Your Benefits

Save time setting up and managing your app

Get a professional mobile app built in a fraction of the time it would take you to build it yourself or through other agencies, and, without compromising on world class design & functionality.

Reduce your Workload

Get your mobile app done fast. 
Our average client has a user ready app in their hands within 3 weeks.

Build apps that make you money

Create a mobile app that is unique to your business and, which helps you grow your revenue.

Live Stream Workouts

Make it convenient for your clients to view your live steam workout sessions through your app

Sell subscriptions & products

Add, promote and sell everthing from class subscriptions to gear & supplements. Accept payments through the app

Engaged Community

Create your own community and make it easy to post photos, share advice and to conect with you.

Integrate with your other tools, like Zoom, with ease

Get your app ready in 3 weeks

We work with you to define the features that are important to you and your users. Then we create a custom mobile app to maximize your business potential.


Let's schedule time to connect and explore what you need for your digital presence. No more missed opportunities.


We take what we have heard and send you a plan: What you need, what will it cost and, how long it will take. No more guessing about the cost and wondering when your project will be done.


When you are ready, we start the work. Want to get your own mobile app?
We have you covered.
Need a website design refresh?
We handle that too.

Case Study: From static website to dynamic Fitness App 

Positive Shift had a great community with their fitness members. They wanted to have a stronger level of engagement with them, make it easier for them to access their live stream & recorded workouts and, make it easy to connect with them.

They received their app in 3 weeks.
They now have live streaming & recorded video workouts for their members.
They now have a membership option through their app to stay connected with them.

“‘I love my new app! I customized everything exactly the way that I wanted it. It has all my images and videos and truly feels personal and custom, unlike most fitness apps. Working with Zerrow was great. I’d highly recommend them!’” 

Tim B.

Owner, Positive Shift


Conversion driven Apps

Zerrow builds bespoke apps for each of our clients. From the logos & colours, to your content and screen layouts, your app is uniquely yours. 

Clients can see what classes are avilable, when they will tale place and book them.

Easily accept secure payments for classes, gear and all your products.

You can easily add, edit and delete content from your app, when you want and all right from your phone. No more waiting for content updates from your contractor.

You can add video, audio & written content to engage your users. Showcase workout videos, add an insipring daily audio message & share your fitness tip of the week.

Your users can create and manage their profiles.

Your app is accessible on both Apple & Android devices. A seamless experience on both platforms with a consistent look & feel for your users of your brand.

Your app will load blazingly fast.

Used and loved by these companies

Top brands & companies save time & costs by 3x using Zerrow Studios

“All the features you need and none you don’t. The simplicity of their approach, the elegance of their work, helped us become more productive and our customer engagement rates skyrocketed”

Fitness Finder

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